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Judy Nichols grew up in a Batavia, Ohio a small town 20 miles east of Cincinnati and eventually found herself living in Aurora, Indiana, a small town 20 miles west of Cincinnati. She would be there still if GE Aircraft hadn't made her husband Nigel an offer he couldn't refuse-- a chance to live near the ocean with GE footing the bill for moving expenses.

So now the family lives in Wilmington, North Carolina.


Judy holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from Kent State University. She has been a newspaper reporter, a teacher, a temporary office worker, a customer service representative, and currently stay-at-home mom with way too much time on her hands. (And never mind that her daughter is a college sophomore).


She began writing her first novel Caviar Dreams one day while her infant daughter Aly was napping. Aly was halfway through kindergarten by the time it was finished. But Judy kept at it, and has written four more books TreeHuggers, Sportsman's Bet  (Ian Dodge Mystery #1), Trouble & Strife  (Ian Dodge Mystery #2) and The Reason for the Season.


In April of 2012, Judy achieved her lifelong goal of appearing on the quiz show “Jeopardy!” She was a two day champion winning a total of $46,500 and the distinction of being officially named the smartest person in a room full of smart people.


Judy is available to speak at book clubs, libraries, whatever either in person if you're near Wilmington, NC or via skpye. Contact her at



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