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A Young Adult Paranormal Mystery


Separated by nearly a century, Rowan and Bobby Lexington are both all alone in the world. Their mothers are dead, and they’ve been left in the care of strangers. Worse yet, they hear screams that no one else hears.


“People do evil things to each other every day" Sister Bernadine tells Bobby at the orphanage. "I believe those evil deeds cling to them–following them wherever they go, even as they go about their business and pretend they’ve done nothing wrong. I think you can hear echoes–the echoes of the evil deeds people are desperate to hide. You are special, Bobby Lexington.”


It’s a gift neither Bobby nor Rowan wanted. But they must learn how to use it as if lives depended on it. Because they do.


Ms. Nichols’ first book in the Ian Dodge series is a winner!


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